Wordpress Training

Wordpress Training

WordPress allows you to build a website that meets your unique needs. Start a blog, business site, portfolio, online store, or anything else you can imagine.

With built‑in optimization and responsive, mobile‑ready themes, there’s no limit to who you can reach with your new website. Create a simple website for your family or sell products around the world—it’s up to you.

Course Outline

WordPress course overview

This course concentrates on how to build your website using WordPress without any programming or design experience. 

On completion of this WordPress course you will be able to:

  • Download and install wordpress
  • Configure templates and install new templates
  • Build a website, blog or online shop
  • Use plug-ins and widgets
  • Manage users and groups
  • Administer wordpress

Who is WordPress training for?

This training is for you if you are interested in creating your own website using WordPress or planning to get a skill to create WordPress website for others. This course also helps business owners to get more control and insight into their WordPress website. This course is designed for complete beginners.

Prerequisites for WordPress course

  • You should be able to use computer and internet.
  • It is not necessary to have knowledge of any programming language before you start this WordPress course but If you have some knowledge of HTML then it will make learning this course even easier. Training Dragon provides HTML course,

What will I get?

  • Training from professional WordPress web designers:

    Training Dragon consultants have been implementing professional WordPress solutions across a range of websites for many years. Those consultants write and teach our WordPress training courses, so their experience directly informs course content.

  • Goal oriented approach:

    This WordPress course is designed to give you a kick start in building WordPress website. If you have a project or an idea that you wanted to turn into website then present that idea during the course and our trainers will help you to work on your own website.

  • Course Material:

    WordPress electronic notes are included in this course.

  • Course Completion Certificate:

    After completing this training your will receive a WordPress course completion certificate.

  • Support and Careers Advice:

    After the course if you have any problems or questions regarding WordPress do not hesitate to contact us. Training Dragon’s trainers are expert in their fields and if you need any help with you career choice, please speak to one of our trainers.

WordPress Course Contents


  • What is WordPress
  • Role of HTML

WordPress Installation

  • Downloading WordPress
  • How to upload your site to a hosting server
  • Finding a web host for your site
  • Reserve a domain name (website name)
  • Installing WordPress on your Web Space

WordPress Themes

  • Managing WordPress themes
  • Free vs premium WordPress themes
  • Editing themes CSS and creating Child Themes

Configuring WordPress Setup Options

  • General Settings
  • Privacy settings
  • Reading settings
  • Writing Settings
  • Discussion Settings
  • Permalink settings
  • WordPress for a website or a Blog

WordPress Plug-ins

  • What is WordPress Plug-in?
  • Where to find WordPress Plug-ins
  • Downloading and installing plug-ins
  • Activating Plug-ins

Adding Content in WordPress

  • Creating Content: Posts vs. Pages
  • Writing and managing Posts
  • Writing and managing Pages
  • Managing Links
  • Using Categories
  • Using Tags
  • Managing User Comments

Managing Media in WordPress

  • Uploading Images
  • Image Formatting
  • Managing the Media Library
  • Adding Video to your website
  • Adding Audio

Using Wordpress for CMS

  • Setting the homepage
  • Hiding pages from navigation
  • Making Wordpress search engine friendly
  • Hiding the login for clients
  • Changing the WordPress logos
  • Installing horizontal navigation
  • Using Dropdown navigation

WordPress Administration

  • Managing WordPress users
  • Creating multiple users
  • WordPress User Roles
  • Managing files

SEO for your WordPress website

  • What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Tools for SEO
  • H1 and other headings
  • Titles and Meta tags
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Images optimisation
  • XML Sitemap
  • Sitemap submission
  • Role of Blogs in SEO
  • Search engine webmaster tools
  • Integrating Google Analytics on your WordPress site

Social Media for WordPress

  • Role of Social Media on WordPress website
  • Adding Facebook and twitter

Creating E-commerce websites on WordPress

  • Installing and managing WooCommerce plugin
  • Installing and managing WooCommerce themes
  • Using a theme builder to modify your WooCommerce Theme

Taking care of security for WordPress

  • Security and common basic attacks
  • Protecting your WordPress website
  • Security related plugins, best practices and online services
  • Checking your WordPress website performance

Projects in WordPress Course

Project: Create a personal or business  website using WordPress

Using the skills obtained from our wordpress course, we will build a complete personal or business / e-commerce website. This project involves many stages from planning, team work, installation, plugins management, testing and launching your wordpress website.

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