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Software development using Java

Develop in demand programming skills with comprehensive training on the latest Java technology.
Learn how to create secure, portable, high-performance applications using the world's #1 programming language.

iCTSLIDES offers expert-led courses for beginner to advanced Java developers, covering core concepts, such as language constructs and data types, to intermediate and advanced concepts, such as modular programming, secure coding, and convenience methods.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language that helps to develop real-life portable applications. We can create both, CUI-based application and GUI-based application, by using Java. The code reusability feature of Java enables software developers to upgrade the existing applications without rewriting the entire code of the application.

This course helps the students to develop efficient and robust applications by using the Java programming language. It also describes how to create inner classes and generic classes. In addition, this course discusses the implementation of type casting, localization, threads, thread synchronization and concurrency. Further, it discusses the various classes of the java.util, and java.nio packages.

Training Modules

  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Operators
  • Conditional and Loop Constructs
  • Arrays, Enums and Strings
  • Polymorphism and Inheritance
  • Error Handling
  • Inner Classes and Types
  • Generic and Collections
  • Threads
  • Streams, Classes and Interfaces

Learning Objective

  • Create object-oriented Java applications
  • Implement operators
  • Work with conditional and loop constructs
  • Work with arrays, Enums, and strings
  • Implement inheritance and polymorphism
  • Handle errors
  • Design a user interface
  • Handle events
  • Implement inner classes and type casting
  • Work with regular expressions and localization
  • Work with generics and collections
  • Work with threads
  • Implement thread synchronization and concurrency
  • Work with streams, classes, and interfaces
  • Create applications using advanced features of JDBC

Advanced Topics

 Course Topics
Functional Programming

    Functional Interfaces and Lambda Expressions
    Collections Streams, and Filters
    Built-in Functional Interfaces

Modular Programming

    Introduction to Modular Programming in Java
    Services in a Modular Application
    Migration to a Modular Application

Streams and Parallel Streams

    Parallel Streams
    Terminal Operations: Collectors
    Creating Custom Streams

Java API Programming and Secure Coding Concepts

    I/O (Fundamentals and NIO2)
    Secure Coding
    Database Applications with JDBC

Collections and Generics

    What is the Collections Framework?
    Type-Wrapper Classes
    What are Generics?

Exception Handling and Assertions

    Error handling

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